Why We Exist

Why we exist?

Viridia was born of the passion for Nature of a group of friends and an understanding of the critical and enormous challenge Humanity faces to stop and revert the current alarming loss in biodiversity.

Our academic backgrounds are in biology, forestry, veterinary sciences, management, economics, law, human ecology, engineering, amongst others and we are active in research, academia, business, governance, sustainability, NGOs and other fields. The scientists amongst us have dedicated their lives to the study of biodiversity and have reached prominent positions at four of Portugal’s top universities and in several international institutions.

Our rationale was that we had the knowledge and the experience in the group to identify critical ecosystems and species where concrete solutions to revert current destruction already exist and must be implemented. We call it “Conservation in Action”.

All of the work of screening, selecting, accompanying and supporting projects is done by our associates at no cost to the organisation. Some associates, close to the key science, knowledge and fieldwork, donate their time to select the key ecosystems and key species to target as well as evaluating the approaches with the greatest impact. Others with the managerial, financial and governance experience help to identify the organizations that would best leverage funding that we provide.  

We hope to create the Association where each Euro will have the highest direct impact on conservation.  

Furthermore, the low structural costs are fully funded by specific donations made by the members themselves. All other donations are guaranteed to fully (100% and no exceptions) to the selected entities and projects implementing the conservation actions (Our Heroes).  

So, 1€ received is 1€ donated and if we are successful donated to the most effective teams on the ground solving the most critical problems!  

We have chosen to start in our home country, but we all dream of proving our concept and taking it to Africa where so many of the most critical challenges to biodiversity lie and that many of us are involved with and passionate about.

“There is simply no issue more important. Conservation is the preservation of human life on earth, and that, above all else, is worth fighting for.”

— Rob Stewart

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