Our Projects


Requalification of salines and water plane areas in Olhão Salines and Faro-East.

Promoting Steppe Bird Conservation in Castro Verde.

Implementation of urgent measures to improve the conservation of the critically endangered giant black sable.

Expand and consolidate the European Black Vulture population in Portugal and western Spain.

Enhance soil quality to raise its resistance to desertification and climate change.

Conservation and environmental restoration of the Protected Area for the Management of Habitats or Species of Matela (Terceira Island, Azores).

Promote and implement measures that improve the conservation status of temporary ponds in Baixo Alentejo.

Restoration of Prairie de Soltróia, in the Sado estuary.

Development of a conservation woodland for the Monchique oak species (Quercus canariensis) in Monchique in a total intervention area of 20 hectares.

Create a network of nest boxes in the primary ZPE with steppe habitats in order to encourage an increase in the number of pairs.

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