Conservation of Giant Sable Antelope in Angola


by Fundação Kissama

Fundação Kissama is a non-governmental organisation, founded in 1996, with the objective of promoting the defence, protection, conservation, management, study, research and balance of Angolan fauna and flora. It has the following main objectives of action:

  • To implement conservation, biodiversity management and environmental education projects;
  • Promote actions aimed at environmental preservation and the recovery of degraded areas in the rural and urban environment;
  • Participate in raising public awareness and sensitivity to biodiversity-related problems.

Project Description

Conservation of Palancas Negras Gigantes in Angola Project aims to implement urgent measures to improve the conservation of the critically endangered Giant Sable Antelope (Hippotragus niger variani), in the Luando Integral Nature Reserve, aiming in particular at the following purposes:

  1. Organize an aerial survey and photo-taking operation to better monitor and protect gigantic the Giant Sable Antelope in the Luando Integral Nature Reserve in the next years;
  2. Locate and count every survivor during a Giant Sable Antelope census in the Luando Integral Nature Reserve;
  1. In the Luando Integral Nature Reserve, collars should be placed on the majority of animals and all herds to enable remote tracking;
  1. Updated assessment of the state of the savannah, water wells, and human encroachment in the Luando Integral Nature Reserve;
  1. Significant decrease in poaching in 2022.

Key Ecosystems

Miombo Forests (which occupy a large part of Sub-Saharan Africa, transitioning between tropical forest and savannah).

Key Species

Giant Sable Antelope (Hippotragus niger variani).

Project Managers
Pedro Vaz Pinto e Vladimir Russo

Responsible Associates
Pedro Vaz Pinto and Carlos Sousa

Place of action
Luando, Angola

Implementation period
14 months
(June 2022 to August 2023)

€ 97.811

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