Reforesting the Sea


by Ocean Alive

Ocean Alive is a Portuguese Non-Governmental Development Organization dedicated to the protection of seagrass beds, involving the community, scientists and decision-makers.

Through educational activities, awareness raising, monitoring and restoration and advocacy, it is distinguished by promoting the leadership of women from fishing communities in ocean conservation and restoration, through the creation of new professions.

The Guardians of the Sea publicize the prairies, promote behavior change and collect data to map and assess the conservation status of the prairies. Project activities focus on the Sado estuary and aim to be a model for the protection of marine grasslands.

Project Description

The Reforesting the Sea project has as its global strategy of restoration, the elimination of threats that cause the degradation of seagrass meadows. The action plan aims to directly restore degraded areas of a seagrass meadow damaged by docking anchors.

The seagrass meadow benefiting from the project is the Soltróia prairie, in the Sado estuary, with an area of 13ha. It is located along a thin strip on the south bank of the estuary, on the coast of Tróia, and consists mainly of the species Cymodocea nodosa and contains plants of Zostera noltei and Zostera marina.

The project will leverage durable changes that will leave Soltróia’s marine prairie in better shape. The following expected results are:

  1. Restoration of the Cymodocea nodosa prairie, fragmented by an extensive mooring cable;
  2. Mitigation of the degradation of the meadow by the cables of the moorings, through the placement of buoys friendly to the prairies.

The project team will consist of elements from Ocean Alive, “Guardiãs do Mar”, who will be responsible for placing the buoys, and a scientific team from CCMAR, which is responsible for repairing the scar of the Cymodocea nodosa prairie caused by the cable.

Key Ecosystems

Eagrass Meadows (Soltróia).

Key Species

Seahorses (Hippocampus guttulatus).

Project Managers
Raquel Gaspar, Luís Almeida and Ângela Herrero

Responsible Associate
Helena Freitas

Place of action
Sado Estuary

Implementation period
22 months
(November 2021 to August 2023)

€ 56.989


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